How To Supercharge Your Productivity


Do you find yourself procastinating at work? With your goals? With your life? You have plans, but over days, months, years, they remain just that? Plans? You apprehend that you have a skill and with the aid of fear of the unknown or uncertainty, you realize that days have gone by without you indulging in anything. Almost everyone is affected; even the most prolific characters get stuck once in a while. You realize that they have been through this, have tried to unravel themselves but eventually gave in and ended up in hating this mistake.

If this is your case and the usual tricks aren’t yielding, then you probably need the get out of this. Millions of people wonder how to accelerate their productivity without even knowing the actual culprits of their impromptu behaviors. Following are the chief culprits that hinder productivity at some point:

  • Traveling unnecessarily
  • Eating regularly without control
  • Aimless social media visits
  • Interruption of the workflow by others
  • Interrupting our brains by staring at the computer all the time All seems fascinating, but luckily, it is possible to eliminate them. To supercharge your productivity, practice the following tips:
  • Time Yourself

Way back in school, we used to follow a timetable strictly. You can organize yourself; do one thing at a given moment. Write a ?to do list,’ time and place. Additionally, you can put an alarm on your phone as a reminder in case you forget; finally, you will notice a great satisfaction.

Avoid Social Media at All Cost

Social media being among the center of most business transactions, it can be hard to avoid. Although at some point, you find yourself aimlessly reading through Facebook and Twitter. Limit social media visits to 40 minutes or less per day and your business activity will increase hence productivity. If possible keep your Smartphone away while working.

Travel Purposefully

It doesn’t mean that people travel with no reasons, but once we schedule a day to visit, we tend to waste part of the day dillydallying, plan yourself once and if possible, be the last person to board or carry your laptop around and get work done while on the plane or vehicle.

Take a Short Nap

This trick doesn’t work for everyone, but you can ask your supervisor to give you at least 30 minutes. A short nap will recharge your mind, and you become more focused on work.

Eating Well

Your body needs enough energy to complete daily tasks, therefore, eat well. Working around and skipping lunch or breakfast will make you less active. If you don’t get time for lunch, arrange yourself in a way that you can take something to eat or drink otherwise headaches will drain your activities.


Workouts have incredible benefits to our brain functions such as memory and processing. Exercising improves health and productivity; for example, running around for 30 minutes per day increases abilities to solve issues and complete errands resourcefully.

Regular Breaks

Relaxing your mind after long hours at work is super imperative. Divide your day into minor tasks and take regular but short breaks, you will note that your productivity increases and more jobs are accomplished.

Early to Bed, Early to Rising

Make sure you go to bed beforehand as this will help you sleep longer and get up feeling fresh. Rising early allows you to take a healthy breakfast and get enough time to hit the gym or do a task that will energize you through the day.


At some point at work, we all feel stressed and frustrated. Although keeping it to yourself can only lead to mental problems, therefore, open up and talk to friends and colleagues you trust, let them be your solution, and your stress will diminish.

Be Aware of Your Habits

Being aware of your habits will let you know how you spend your day. It is simple; track how and where you are spending time every day. A time-tracking tool can be your helper. At the end of the week, evaluate your progress, you will understand when and where you did unproductive errands; finally, avoid them.

Additionally, assign deadlines to your tasks and never give in distractions.

To be more productive, ensure you have improved more han the day before; when taken into consideration and practice, those above tips will in less time supercharge your productivity!


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