Do You Really Want It Enough?


Do You Want it Enough? What are you thinking about today? Where are you on the ladder of life? Have you ever come up the ladder or are you just standing there waiting for something or someone to show you the way? Are you just waiting for someone to show you what to do? Are you just out there looking for what’s going on? Well, nobody can show you or tell you what to do because they are not you. Maybe you just stand in a dream state and wait for a good safe place to get ahead. Maybe you tell yourself, I have to go half way up or somewhere beyond to be happy and successful. After all, I earn more and I see other people who have more.

Are you missing the passion or motivation for life? Do you find it hard to maintain a strong commitment to a fulfilling life? That’s okay, because many of us are struggling with the same problem, and fortunately, it’s a problem that can be tackled relatively easily. All it takes is a little thought, and surprisingly, very few people really stop thinking about what they want out of life.

The reason for our lack of motivation is the lack of time we spend with ourselves because of the constant demands on work, family and friends. We are so caught up in these constant demands that we have forgotten our lives and the plan we once had for ourselves.

What comes next is just for you to stop doing certain things that do not motivate you, and replace them with actions that will help you with personal development. Think about it for a while and write down the things you do not have to do, such as going to Facebook every day, chatting on MSN daily, playing games and talking on the phone for hours. These things may be fun at the time, but then we feel stressed out because we have not done anything that is self- fulfilling or important.

Then take a pen and paper and write down the things that you will finish or at least reduce in a column. In the second column, write down the things you will do instead, the things that will motivate you to have a passion for life. Keep this list as a reminder and stick with it. Create a habit of success.

What motivates us to develop a passion for life? self development gives us the motivation we need, and the more we have of it, the better we feel about ourselves and life in general. Have you ever felt bad about a day when you have achieved and done things that are important to you? No, of course not, never. Maybe they are books, inspiring CDs or learning courses. Hang around, inspire people, people who do things and enjoy life the most because those who enjoy their lives are the ones who do what matters most to them, be it a hobby or just in one area, they love.

Find a purpose greater than you and strive to live that purpose. Find it and use it to your advantage. When you delve into something that you are passionate about, you have a strong motivation in all areas of your life.Maybe there are some people out there who are going to have things handed out, but are they happy and successful, or did they inherit someone else’s success? Who are you kidding, you will be knocked off. You have to start from the bottom and climb. Of course, you already know that. Of course, you’re on the ladder of life, but you’re probably not where you want to be. Why are not you where you want to be? It’s because you have not figured out where you want to be. It is because you have not found out that you can find happiness and success.

What is your ultimate life goal? You can achieve it by accomplishing many smaller goals that lead to it, and enjoy the ride as you go. Do not set your goals and goals in favor of small, trivial goals. Live a life of growth and achievement, joy and abundance, doing things that fill you with passion and sense of value. In short, go out and live life for a purpose, not just to live!


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