How to not Waste Your Life


Do you believe that you can succeed? Do you believe that you can reach your goals? That is probably the single most important question that you can ask yourself because if you don’t believe in your own abilities, you are always going to struggle to reach your goals. Your success in life – regardless of your goals – starts with your belief that you can succeed. Here is how to believe that you CAN succeed at reaching your goals.

The Problem

The problem is that doing something new, reaching out towards a new goal or a new dream, can be scary. All sorts of thoughts and emotions come up and distract you from reaching your goal. You begin to experience doubt, worry, and confusion. You wonder if you are really capable of reaching this new goal. Then, before you know it, you’re in downward spiral of mental though that keeps you from ever having the belief in yourself that you need.

But you can change that…

The solution

By fighting mental loops with more mental loops!

Start by looking at your goal and asking yourself these questions: Has anyone else ever done this before?

Chances are that someone, somewhere in this big world, has achieved something quite similar to what you want to achieve, right? So that means that your goal is doable! You are capable of achieving the same things as most of the people on this planet.

What are goals for anyway?

Life goals are very personal and can vary greatly from person to person. Some may want to make huge amounts of money, but for others, all their goals may be immaterial. The goal of one person is not necessarily better than the next person though, so don’t judge. This is about personal development, so let’s keep the focus on you.

All these different goals serve the same purpose. They’re what make each day different than the last, and each year, better than the one before. If they change.

Accomplishing goals or developing as people and setting new ones is what keeps life interesting, and keeps us on track. We can look at them and determine if we have progressed since yesterday, the week before, or year before.

Calendars are great for tracking the date, goals are what we use to track ourselves.

Have you ever accomplished anything? (hint: of course)

So, great! You have already proven to yourself that you can learn new things and achieve new things! Did you learn to ride a bicycle? Drive a car? Balance a checkbook? Use a computer? Win in the great race to the egg? All those are great accomplishments! Don’t sell yourself short! Reviewing your past successes is often a great way to build up your belief in yourself.

Why do you want it?

This is a big question, but if you want to know how to believe that you can succeed, answer me this question first.

If you have a strong desire for something, your belief that you can succeed in getting it will rise accordingly, and the greater your belief in yourself, the more you will be willing to do and endure in order to realize your goal.

Let your haters be your motivators

There will always be doubters. Detractors who aren’t going anywhere in their lives so feel the need stop others too. But there will always a way to shut them out too. Or even better, turn those haters into motivators.

Revenge is best served cold. Grab all that negativity, scrunch it all into a big ball of wanting to prove them, and throw it back in their face once you. Negativity can be used as a motivation to achieve their goals. All you have to do is believe that you can prove them wrong, and realize how good you will feel when you do.

It’s not easy to believe in yourself when others around you are negative, positive reinforcement can be better. But if you are missing positive people in your life, positive reinforcement need not come from others, it can come from yourself.

It is much better for yourself in the long run if you are able to build your own self-confidence based on what you believe you can do. Your own self- confidence is far more important and useful for your well-being than having to rely on the positive affirmation of others to confirm your self-esteem.

Never stop believing in yourself

Self confidence can drop when things don’t go the way you planned or imagined, and let me warn you now, not everything will go as planned, so you have to be prepared.

In order to regain your self-confidence and self-belief when things do go sideways, you must be able to re-define your goals based on your new situation.

Doing so sets the focus from what has happened, to what you can do about it. The most important thing to do is to keep your eyes on the windscreen, not on the rear-view mirror.

Your self-confidence will grow with every goal from your new list you achieve. Whether this is to recover lost confidence or to grow further won’t matter, progress is progress whether its a step backward and two forward, or three steps forward.

There you have it! Stop wasting your life!

Remember the goals you used to have for yourself, or create news ones. Recognize their purpose, believe in yourself, and start getting the most you can out of life.

Be motivation for others. Really live. Life is too precious to not.


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