Do You Want it Enough


Do You Want it Enough? What are you thinking about today? Where are you on the ladder of life? Have you taken the initiative to take a few steps up? Or are you just standing there at the base, waiting for someone to drag you up it? Because let me tell you right now, no ones coming. Nobody can.

Nobody can show you or tell you what to do because they are not you.

Maybe you’re currently standing around in a dream state, watching the world go by as you wait for a safe opportunity to move forward, out of your comfort zone. Up that next step. Well, I’ll tell you right now. There are no safe opportunities, there’s always a risk. Even eating your next meal is a risk. You could get food poisoning, you could choke, or in less likely circumstances, you could even get poisoned. Life is a risk.

Or maybe you’re already halfway up and think that’s as far as you need to go. Maybe you earn more than most, but are content to see that others still have more. Well, whether your goals are material or not, living is not settling. Settling is just existing.

If you have lost that passion and motivation to climb the ladder, that’s okay. Many are struggling with the same problem right now, and many more aren’t because they’ve simply gave up. They’ve stopped at level 3, even though their best life is on level 10. Situations aren’t permanent, theirs or yours. All it takes is a little thought and a little action, to get the feet moving again.

Life gets in the way

Often, the reason we lack motivation to work on our goals is due to the lack of time we spend with ourselves. Life is hectic. The constant demands of work, family and friends get us so caught up that we forget about ourselves and the  plans we once had for ourselves. Sometimes, only remembering once it’s too late.

What comes next after this realization is up to you. If you don’t want it enough you’ll just continue on with life as is. It’s your life, that’s up to you. But action might be easier than you think and better for your well being. All you have to do to start is to replace things that don’t motivate you with thinks that do. Progress starts by starting the fire within you again.

Think about it for a while and write down the things you do not have to do, such as going on Facebook every day,  playing video games and progressing a virtual character instead of yourself, and talking on the phone for hours. These things may be fun at the time, but they’re also killing yourself if they’re replacing activities that are self- fulfilling and will move you forward.

Then take a pen and paper, drawn a line down the middle, and write down the things that you will stop or at least reduce in a column. If their’s nothing in that column, you’ve either already accomplished all your goals and all the ones that could possibly replace them, or you don’t want it enough.

In the second column, write down the things you will do instead, the things that will motivate you to have a passion for life. Keep this list as a reminder and stick with it. You’ll start feeling better than you have for a while in no-time. This is progress.

What drives us

What motivates us to develop a passion for life? A true fire that starts the moment we wake up.

Its self development and a drive to get everything we can out of life, while also giving back everything we can as well.

Doing, achieving, giving. To ourselves, to family, and to others. That is all the motivation we need, just remember that you have to serve yourself in order to serve others. Self-sacrifice might look saintly, but it achieves nothing.

Have you ever felt bad about a day when you have achieved all that you could, even though you were exhausted after? No, of course not. Never. Accomplishment, without pain is great. But with pain, it feels even better.

Always remember, struggle only hurts while it’s happening. Afterward, it’s the opposite.

So now, look back at that ladder. Not just at the next step, but at the end of it, if you can see it. Do you see struggle? Sure. Do you see the need to re-motivate yourself at times? Of course.

But do you see that it will all be worth it in the end? I hope so.

So let me ask you again. Do you want it enough?

And once that ladders finished, I hope you find another one. Keep moving skyward.


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