A 5 Step Plan to Create a New You


Sometimes to become happier and more fulfilled, we need to forget who were yesterday and decide who we want to be today. But re-creating ourselves requires a plan. Steps to set ourselves on a path of rebirth. But these steps need to be made of stone, and set firmly, so write them deadline, and set deadlines for them.

Now remember, the time you invest into creating your strategy today, will determine the results you get tomorrow. So it’s time to make a coffee and get focused.

The following steps will help you, but the rest will be up to you.

1. Evaluate Yourself

It’s time to look inside our mind and evaluate ourselves as individuals. What do you see?. What are your strengths? What parts of you do you want to keep? And what’s slowing you down, and is baggage that you need to shed?

Now’s the time for honesty, don’t lie to yourself. Who you were is no longer important, from tomorrow, that person will be gone.

If you have to, or want to be even more thorough, ask your relatives and friends. They might hold back, so tell them to be brutally honest. Once they’re done, tell them you appreciate them for it.

2. Spring Cleaning

What needs to be improved takes effort and time, but what needs to go can go today. Right now in fact.

Create a mental image for this process to make it stick.

Collect all those weaknesses in your mind and put them all in a pile. What you want to do next is up to you.

Envision a flame thrower and burn them, or run over those weaknesses with a car. Or maybe, just turn around and walk away from them, without looking back.

There, just like that, what aspects of you that needed to go are gone.

If you were impatient, next time you’re in a situation that tests it, don’t think about how you would have used to re-acted, just be patient.

Remember, you’re not re-learning, you’re developing a new. And that, is much easier.

3. Now the hard part, lets strategize

Now, what needs to grow. What parts of you just need work?

Now’s the time to grab a pen and paper.

Write down everything that can be a strength, but just needs to be developed and nurtured into one. Don’t stop until you’re drawing mental blanks. Who cares if the list looks like scribbles, just keep writing!

Once you’re finished, look at this list and put it in an Excel or Word document, whichever program you want to use to create a plan of action.

Look at each trait. I bet you already know what you can do to improve them don’t you? Things are much easier to improve when they’re staring back at you aren’t they?

Now write it down. Write down the plan.

Is concentration your flaw? Okay. Create a reward system with increasing goals. A piece of chocolate after 10 minutes of solid work, then next time, you don’t get it till 20. Whatever you think will help improve each trait, write it down. There are no stupid ideas. The only ridiculous thing is doing nothing.

For anything leftover, research tactics. The internet is full of knowledge, and so is your library. Any resource available to you, should be used to improve yourself. No opportunities or avenues should be wasted.

4. Put Your Plans into Action

Now’s the hard part. Put your tracksuit on and grab a towel, there’s going to be sweat.

Almost everyone can create a plan, almost no one puts that plan into action.

Ask anyone who had an idea but never did anything with it.

This step is up to you. You’ve got the plan, all you need is the will power.

If procrastination is your enemy, read this: How to Stay Focused

Good luck.

5. Time for Your Appraisal

So, how’d things go? Are we celebrating? Remember even some progress is worth celebrating. Life is about growth, and life isn’t a sprint, so neither is personal development. You have time.

When appraising yourself, find your old list, and cross off everything you’ve improved in. Now, further improvement will come naturally, so let’s focus on only the things that haven’t been tackled yet.

So why weren’t they tackled? Do you need a new plan for those traits, or were you just overloaded.

If you were overloaded, look at that new list and how much smaller it is. There you go, problem solved.

If your strategy didn’t work, that’s okay too. Brainstorm a new plan, or research it, and remember, there is no such thing as no progress. You’ve learnt a lot, its not a failure. Now you have wisdom. Use it, and you’ll overcome.

Now go back to step 4 and repeat. You’ll get there in the end. I know you will.



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